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Beauty equipment hair removal
  • Beauty equipment hair removal

Beauty equipment hair removal

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Beauty equipment hair removal

Model No:FE3005
1. Remove unwanted hair
2. Smooth fine wrinkles
3. Shrink and tighten pores
4. Remove acne
5. Remove freckle,facial blem
1. Permanent hair removal, remove unwanted hair in different depths and thickness;
2. remove deep-seated speckle, cuticular speckle, corium speckle, fleck, age pigment, chloasma and so on;
3. Skin lifting,skin tightening,skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, wrinkle removal, recon tour
4. Acne treatment; remove facial vascular lesions (Telangiectasis);
5.To enlarge breast: flat breasts, drooping breasts, congenital hypogenesis of breast, depressed breasts, breasts in
different sizes, shrinking, drooping, transformative galactophore after lactation, drooping breasts led by descendiblity or
erratical meal etc.
1. Provided with all technical superiorities of IPL light energy and RF energy skin tightening. As a result, therapeutic
effect is more remarkable;
2.Super large color touch LCD, intellectual control system
3.The light head adopts sapphire light-conducting crystal, which will never be worn and torn and no need to be replaced;
4.Modern ABS design, complete injection molding shell, which has good insulation and guard against static and disturbance;
5.Equipped with adjustable crystals for different applications, which makes more professional effect;
6. Special Plug-and-play connector design makes easier installation.
Technical Parameters
Whole power: 1200w
Supply Voltage:AC220V/ AC110V(50Hz/60Hz)
Spectrum Range
Standard: 530-1200nm,640-1200nm
Pulse Width:1-15ms
Pulse interval:1-15ms
Energy Density:1-50J/cm2
Light spot area:10×40mm
RF Frequency:1-15MHz
Display:TFT touch color LCD screen
working environment:temperature: +5°-C~+40°C
Cooling system: semiconductor+ wind + water+ cooling gel
Net Weight:56KG
Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Detail: Aluminum alloy box with dimension :64×65×130cm
Delivery Detail 10-15 days

Information is up-to-date: 22.06.2018

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